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Join a team of enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated professionals who are collectively focused upon writing the success story of Pietro Fiorentini DB. At Pietro Fiorentini DB we provide opportunities to competent and motivated individuals for their professional and personal fulfilment; through a culture of skill development, employee well-being, challenging roles and much more. We believe that every individual is the crucial factor in the success story of Pietro Fiorentini DB. Therefore, we are in the continuous strive to fulfil the expectation of our employees, by not just giving them jobs, but by helping in building a career.



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We at Pietro Fiorentini DB gives opportunities to employees to sharpen their skills through continuous guidance and training by the management. We provide flexibility to our employees so that they can complete their projects using their own thoughts, technical knowledge and creativity under the guidance and mentorship of superiors.

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Pietro Fiorentini is a global leader with 80+ years of experience in handling the natural gas related products and systems and we at Pietro Fiorentini DB are committed to continue the same legacy through our world class manufacturing facility, industry expert leadership team and committed professionals. We have production, supply chain, R&D, training, technical services under one roof.

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Are you someone who loves the challenges and creativity in their job?
If you are a motivated and enthusiastic professional, who can meet the highest productivity standards, deadlines, and work schedules while displaying exemplary work quality and more importantly the right attitude towards people and work; Then, this is a place for you, and Pietro Fiorentini DB is the family for you!


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